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Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) (Repository Server) - Import


Bridge Requirements

This bridge:
  • is only supported on Microsoft Windows.

  • requires the tool to be installed to access its SDK.

Bridge Specifications

Vendor Microsoft
Tool Name SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Tool Version 9.0 (2005) to 15x (2019)
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Data Integration] Multi-Model, Metadata Repository, ETL (Source and Target Data Stores, Transformation Lineage, Expression Parsing) via .Net API
Data Profiling
Incremental Harvesting
Multi-Model Harvesting
Remote Repository Browsing for Model Selection

Tool: Microsoft / SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) version 9.0 (2005) to 15x (2019) via .Net API
Metadata: [Data Integration] Multi-Model, Metadata Repository, ETL (Source and Target Data Stores, Transformation Lineage, Expression Parsing)
Component: MicrosoftSqlServerRepositoryIs version 11.2.0

The bridge imports SSIS Packages from a corresponding SQL Server Repository using the SQL Server SDK APIs.

In order for this bridge to connect to the SQL Server Repository and import, it is necessary to ensure that the SQL Server Client Components are installed properly and corresponding services are running locally or established in your local network. The bridge uses Windows Authentication to connect to Integration Services. Please be sure the application is logged into Windows Domain as a 'User', which has appropriate rights to the objects you wish to import.

Q: Is it possible to disable case sensitivity for column names in SSIS packages?
A: ETL bridges import all features "AS IS" depending on the database type and its rules. The Database bridge sets case sensitive flag if needed and the stitcher is capable of stitching, even if names are in different cases.

Refer to the current general known limitations at or bundled in Documentation/ReadMe/MIMBKnownLimitations.html

Provide a troubleshooting package with debug log. Debug log can be set in the UI or in conf/ with MIR_LOG_LEVEL=6

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
SQL Server version Specifies the version of SQL Server. ENUMERATED
SQL Server 2017
SQL Server 2016
SQL Server 2014
SQL Server 2012
SQL Server 2008
SQL Server 2005
Host Host name or IP address where SQL Server IS is running. STRING   localhost Mandatory
Package SQL Server Integration Service Project name to be processing. REPOSITORY_SUBSET     Mandatory
Password The value of the password for the protected package. PASSWORD      
Variable values file File defines values for SSIS variables. Variables are grouped by their package and task context, and prefixed with namespace:

Consider using the file when SSIS employs variables (without reasonable default values) in SQL statements. It should help with understanding lineage through SQL statements.

The file supports SSIS 2005, 2008 and 2012 variables. It does not support SSIS 2012 parameters.

Use the [Package] context to define variables for all tasks in the Package.
When the same variable is defined multiple times in a context, the latest definition is used. However, when the same variable is defined in [Package] and [Package.Task] contexts the definition in the higher level context, [Package.Task] is used.

Variable names are case sensitive. The file overrides default variable values if any defined in SSIS.
Miscellaneous ${BridgeLib.bp_misc_common_etl_import_options}


Enable specifying mappings between Transformation Script inputs and outputs externally. In this case, the inputs go to a table in "_Script_" database and outputs come from a table in the database. One can specify mapping relationships between inputs and outputs by defining a mapping between their tables.
By default the bridge interconnect all inputs to all outputs in Transformation Scripts.


Bridge Mapping

Meta Integration Repository (MIR)
(based on the OMG CWM standard)
"Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) (Repository Server)"
Mapping Comments
Attribute Column  
Description Column.Description  
Name Column.Name  
BaseType SSIS Type  
Class Table  
Description Table.Description  
Name Table.Name  
ClassifierMap Connection or Trainsformation Output link  
Description Description  
Name Name  
DataAttribute Transformation Column  
Description Description  
Name Name  
DataSet Output/Input  
Description Description  
Name Name  
DerivedType ColumnType  
Name DataType  
DesignPackage Package  
Description Package.Description  
Name Package.Name  
FeatureMap Input/Output column lineageId link  
Name Name  
StoreModel Package  

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