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Assign Responsibilities

Click the Responsibilities tab and associate the capability object role assignment with users or groups .

Information note

A message like the following is presented if you do not have sufficient permissions (object role assignment with the proper object capabilities):


Click the Versions tab to see current and historical versions of the content.

Set new versions as default

When importing a model, if a new version is to be created, then this new version can either be the default version or not. Initially, the new version is set to be the default version of the model.

The default version is the one that:

  • Is acted upon when you act on a content as a whole (e.g., if one opens a content, but not a specific version, in the metadata manager user interface, then it is the default version that is opened
  • Is included in a configuration that is set to Auto Update .

Click the Versions tab and right-click on the only version in the list.

Information note

As this is the only version, it is already the default. If you import again and create a new version as part of that process, you may assign defaults.

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