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Email Notification

In addition, one may subscribe to or be a watcher of models in the repository and thus receive notifications of changes to those particular models (or sub-models)

Information note

In addition to the watchers of a content , the following are the recipient rules for different types of models:

- For configurations the model change notification is sent to the users who have the metadata management capability role on the configuration content

- For harvested models and user models, the model change notification is set to the users who are the watchers of the models

- The import failed and other operation failed notifications are sent to the users who have the metadata management capability on the content.


Sign in as Administrator and configure the email server information .

Go to OBJECTS > Explore and navigate to Accounting > Accounting .

The object page section provides more information on how to set and manage watchers .

Information note

In earlier versions of the product, stewards were the ones notified of changes to model. This is no longer the case. Instead, watchers are notified of changes to models when enabled. The migration from stewards to watchers is performed automatically on upgrade from previous versions and thus all stewards become watchers.

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