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The Object Explorer panel is a UI feature of TDC which emphasizes navigation using various organizational structures presented as a tree, asset of flat search results or collections of objects.

There are several flavors of the Object Explorer panel:

  • Object
  • Collection
  • Worksheet
  • Dashboard

The object explorer is the default explorer presentation and is always accessible simply by clicking the OBJECTS menu on any page. The presentation shows a limited number of siblings and allows you to jump to them all, much like a traditional Tree interface or a Drill presentation is useful when you need to work with a long list of siblings (e.g., 10000 tables in a database schema).


  1. Several options exist:
    • Click the OBJECTS menu
    • Click OBJECTS and select entries under Explore


Click the OBJECTS menu. The Object Explorer panel opens on the left.

Click Explore , and the Object Explorer panel opens with no filters or search criteria (or the last ones you entered).

Information note

You may remove the panel by clicking Close . Otherwise, it is pinned open as you click on objects in the tree.

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