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Supported databases

The following tables provide information on the supported source and target databases according to the capture mode.

Supported source databases

Database name Log-based versions Trigger-based versions
DB2 for IBM i Since v5r4 -
Oracle Between v10g and v19c Since v8
SQL Server Since 2005 Since 2005
MySQL To be supported Since 5.5
MariaDB To be supported Since 5.5
PostgreSQL To be supported Since 9.2
Progress OpenEdge - Since 9.2

Supported target databases

Database name Versions
Altibase HDB All
AWS Kinesis All (Cloud-based)
Btrieve All
DB2 for IBM i All
DB2 for LUW All
Greenplum All
iSeries Access All
Kafka All
MS-Access All
MS Azure Event Hub All (Cloud-based)
MS Azure SQL All (Cloud-based)
MS SQL Server All
MySQL/MariaDB All
Netezza All
NuoDB All
Oracle All
PostgreSQL All
Progress OpenEdge All
SAP Hana All
Salesforce All
Service Bus All
SQLite All
Snowflake All
Sybase All
Teradata All (Cloud-based)
Text Files All
Vectorwise All
XML-based database All

Supported source and target databases in bidirectional replication

Source database name Target database name
DB2 for IBM i DB2 for IBM i
MS SQL Server MS SQL Server
Oracle Oracle

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