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Installing the Manager GUI and its modules on Windows NT Server

All the Windows modules are installed and updated using the SetupTalendCDC.exe program located in the NT sub-directory of the download page.

About this task

Information noteNote: This step must be performed before installing the source and target instances. If you want to manage these instances, go to sections Installing the source and target engines on Windows NT and Installing the source and target engines on AS/400 IBMi, iSeries, Power i.
The PC modules are tested and validated for running on NT 4.0 – SP5 minimum:
  • Windows Server 2000,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows Server 2003,
  • Windows Server 2008,
  • Windows Server 2012,
  • Windows Server 2019.
The Manager installation requires a minimum disk space of 1 GB.

The PC modules in Talend Change Data Capture are as follows:

  • The Manager used to define the parameters for and to supervise all replications regardless of the source.

  • The NT target used to replicate to all NT, UNIX and other databases based on the licenses purchased, and from all sources.

  • The MS SQL Server source used to replicate from MS SQL Server to all targets.

  • The Oracle source used to replicate from Oracle Database to all targets.

  • The OpenEdge source used to replicate from Progress OpenEdge to all targets.

  • The MySQL source used to replicate from MySQL to all targets.

  • The PostgreSQL source used to replicate from PostgreSQL to all targets.

  • The ODBC source used to replicate by extraction from all ODBC sources to all targets.


  1. Launch SetupTalendCDC.exe.
  2. Select the destination folder. No blank is admitted in the name.
  3. Click Next. Enter or browse the name of the shortcut folder that will be displayed in the Start Menu. This name may be different from the destination folder where Talend Change Data Capture is installed.
  4. Click Next. The installation procedure then copies the files (after having stopped the Talend Change Data Capture service programs if you are updating).
  5. Click Install.
    The installation runs until it is complete.
  6. Go to Services and check the following services are launched in Automatic mode:
    • Talend Change Data Capture Daemon,
    • Talend Change Data Capture Global Supervision,
    • Talend Change Data Capture <database name> Scheduler, Supervisor and Universal Remote LogReader,
    • Talend Change Data Capture Oracle Scheduler, Supervisor, Universal LogCapture and Universal LogProcess if needed.
  7. You can now launch the Manager GUI from the Start Menu.

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