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Cloud machine identity authentication

When you run a cloud bridge on the cloud, you can configure its machine to use the necessary cloud identity and use it for the bridge authentication. A cloud bridge tries to use its machine’s cloud identity when its bridge’s security principle and temporary credentials parameters are empty.

This authentication method is appropriate when you want to delegate the authentication to the machine the bridge is running on.

Information note

In addition, to support the more robust cloud identity features, select import bridges will support more automatic cloud identity-based authentication. In this way, the Secret / Password parameter is no longer mandatory for those bridges and the authentication may be based on the cloud identity:

Information note

This is simply a standard metadata harvesting (model import) where you depend upon the identity provide by the machine running the bridge. Thus, you will leave the bridge parameter for the cloud secret empty, and you will specify NONE as the CLOUD IDENTITY. Then the bridge will simply connect assuming that the machine identity itself is sufficient.

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