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Manage Global Roles

Information note

Please refer to the responsibilities and capabilities assignment model for an explanation of how users relate to role assignment.

Global roles are used to assign repository wide responsibilities to users and groups that apply to all objects in the repository.

There are several pre-defined but fully customizable object roles already delivered with the product.

Role Name



Security Administrator


User and group management

Global Administrator


All global administrative capabilities. Created by default on new install and on migrated install for the Administrators group to migrate properly.

Application Administrator


Server management capabilities

API User


REST API access

Application Designer


Customization of dashboards and presentations and related worksheets and collections

Worksheet Author


Creation, management and editing of worksheets

Collections Custodian


Creation, management and editing of collections

Information note

The list of global roles above are provided by default for new installations only. If you have upgraded from an earlier version you may not see all of these and may see others which were migrated. You may still import the list of global roles above which are in the installation path at /conf/Roles/GlobalRoles.csv.

Information note

Assignment of the Global Administrator role to a user means that user has all global capabilities within.

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