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Edit a Global Role

One may change the Name , Definition and Capability assignments for any global role.

The capabilities include:

Capability Name


Security Administrator

Allows users to manage security

Application Administration

Allows users to administer their server

Worksheet Customization

Allows users to create / edit / share their worksheets

Dashboard Customization

Allows users to create / edit / share their dashboards

Collection Customization

Allows users to create / edit / share their collections

Presentation Customization

Allows users to create / edit / share presentations


Allows users to use the REST API


  1. Sign in as a user with at least the Security Administrator capability global role assignment .
  2. Go to MANAGE > Global Roles in the banner.
  3. Select a row and click Edit .
  4. Update Name and Definition .
  5. Use the Capabilities pick list to select capability assignments for the global role.
  6. Select Group assignments from the Users/Group pick list for the global role assignments.
  7. Click OK .
Information note

You may simply double-click a cell in the sheet of capabilities vs. roles to set or unset a particular capability assignment (responsibility).

Again, if a role has any capability License type Producer , then it is of type Producer , otherwise if all capabilities for that role are Consumer only, then it is of type Consumer .


Sign in as Administrator and go to MANAGE > Global Roles.

Pick the Application Designer role. Edit the Definition by adding “and API use” to the list of capabilities. Then pick the REST API Access capability.

Click SAVE .

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