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Enable/disable debug logging

You may turn on debug level logging in order to better diagnose issues you may see reported in the logs or to display internal.

Information note

This setting applies to all subsequent actions which produce logs, whether manually invoked or scheduled. It also means that debug messages will appear in the Tomcat logs.

Information note

Debug logging is VERY verbose. Thus, be sure to turn off ( Disabled ) debug level logging as soon as you have captured your diagnostics. In addition, the debug logging is reset to Disabled when you restart the application server.

Information note

Debug level messages are not shown MANAGE > System Log, nor is it part of the download there. Instead, when you enable debug logging , those messages are written to the Tomcat server logs on the application server machine. You may find these in the installation directory at


Information note

Setting debug level logging also affect the attributes shown on the object page and also the Properties panel, showing additional information like Object Id and Stable ID . Other internal information like Lineage Options which are only for internal debugging purposes also will appear. Thus, debug logging should be disabled unless absolutely required.


  1. Sign in as a user with at least the Application Administrator capability global role assignment .
  2. Go to MANAGE > System in the banner.
  3. Select Enable/Disable in the DEBUG LOGGING pull-down.


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