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Manage the Pool of Sensitivity Labels

This feature allows you define sensitivity labels as an ordered flat list such as: Unclassified > Confidential > Secret > Top Secret. Each sensitivity label has a definition, a hide data property (only used when applied to a column/field), and a color (for example confidential can be orange and top secret red).


  1. Sign in as a user with at least the .
  2. Go to MANAGE > Sensitivity Labels in the banner.
  3. The list of sensitivity labels is presented.
  4. You may also
    • Search for by Name or Definition .
    • Add a new label
    • Select a line and edit the properties or Delete an existing label
    • Move Up or Move Down to specify degree of sensitivity (lowest at the top)


Sign in as Administrator and Go to MANAGE > Sensitivity Labels .

Information note

By default, no predefined sensitivity labels are defined, so the list may be empty and means that this feature is inactive until you specify sensitivity labels.

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