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Under 7.16.1 version: fields completion

In this procedure, the information received by email is used to complete the fields in Source > License management > Order a license screen.


  1. Click Order a license to open the following window:
  2. Open the email you received from the Support team and fill in the fields as follows:
    • License: select the license name according to the .lic file attached to the email,
    • Test license: select this check box if you have a non-production license.
    • Customer name: enter the customer name as indicated in the email: "Your license key(s) for <CustomerName>...",
    • Expiration date: enter the date as indicated in the email,
    • Module: enter *ALL,
    • Processor: For an installation with SRC01 or SRC05 licenses: enter *ALL. With other licenses, enter the number of instance servers,
    • Serial Number: enter *ALL,
    • Machine name: for an installation on AS/400 IBMi machine, enter the name of the source system. It can be retrieved through DSPNETA command. Otherwise, enter *ALL.
    • Target machine name: set this field on *ALL,
    • Computation date: enter the date of email reception,
    • Key: copy the license provided in the attached .lic file and paste it in this field.
    • Click Ok.
  3. Repeat the procedure for the other .lic file attached to the email. Only the License field changes.
    Information noteNote: In case of license update:
    1. Contact your Talend Sales contact or Talend Support team. They will provide a new license key.
    2. Enter the new license key and the new expiration date. Edit the other fields if necessary. Click Ok.


A new line is added in the License management screen.

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