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MS SQL Server requirements

  • A VM or physical machine with 2 cores or more, 4GB RAM or more, an OS >Windows 2008R2 (not necessarily the server type), and 32 or 64 bits.
  • The installation must be performed with an administrator profile on this machine.
  • A Microsoft native ODBC driver for MS SQL Server with a 32-bit version must be installed.
  • Requirements to capture an MS SQL Server source:
    • Express version is not supported.
    • The transactional replication component needs to be installed.

      To test the installation of the component, enter the following command:

      EXEC sp_MS_replication_installed

      If the component is installed, the answer is: Command(s) completed successfully.

      Tables to replicate must have a Primary Key (Microsoft constraint).

    • You need to install on the VM or physical machine the SQL Server 32-bit client (ODBC 32-bit Native client driver). During the installation, the system MS SQL Server password (sysadmin right) is needed.

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