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Organize the Repository Tree

You may organize the objectss presented in the Repository Tree for the Repository as a while.

Information note

Repository organization is very important as you may schedule , assign responsibilities , and perform actions (right-click) by folder.


  1. Sign in as a user with at least the Metadata Editor capability object role assignment to the configuration you wish to organize.
  2. Go to MANAGE > Repository .
  3. Right-click on the Repository or any folder and select Create > Folder to create folders.
Information note

Thus, folders may contain folders.

  1. Drag any object into a folder to organize.
Information note

Moving an object in the Repository Tree changes the unique path (ID) used to uniquely identify the object, e.g., in the REST API or in the URLs. In addition, all responsibility object role assignment s are cleared and then re-computed based upon inheritance.

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