Installing the Manager GUI on Windows NT Server - 7.3

Talend Change Data Capture Installation Guide

Talend Change Data Capture
Talend Change Data Capture
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All the Windows modules are installed, updated and uninstalled using the Setup.exe program located in the NT sub-directory of the download page.

About this task

Note: The PC modules are tested and validated for running on NT 4.0 – SP5 minimum:
  • Windows Server 2000,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows Server 2003,
  • Windows Server 2008,
  • Windows Server 2012,
  • Windows Server 2019.

The PC modules in Talend Change Data Capture are as follows:

  • The Manager used to define the parameters for and to supervise all replications regardless of the source.

  • The NT target used to replicate to all NT, UNIX and other databases based on the licenses purchased, and from all sources.

  • The MS SQL Server source used to replicate from MS SQL Server to all targets.

  • The Oracle source used to replicate from Oracle Database to all targets.

  • The OpenEdge source used to replicate from Progress OpenEdge to all targets.

  • The MySQL source used to replicate from MySQL to all targets.

  • The PostgreSQL source used to replicate from PostgreSQL to all targets.

  • The ODBC source used to replicate by extraction from all ODBC sources to all targets.


  1. If the installation module detects that the MS SQL Server Source or Oracle Source modules have been installed on the server, the following window appears:
    Use this window to manage the source instances, or execute an install, update or uninstall operation.
  2. When you install for the first time, you must specify the destination directory in which you want to install the desired elements.

    The default DestinationPath proposed is D:\datadistribution\. You can enter a directory of your choice, provided that its name contains no blanks.

    Note: When you update an existing installation, you cannot change the default installation directory.
  3. Click Click to Install to start the installation.
    The first installation window is displayed.
    The left frame contains the modules that are not installed, and the right frame shows the modules that are already installed.
    • To install a new module, you must move it to the right-hand frame.
    • To update a module, leave it in the right-hand frame; it will be updated automatically.
    • To uninstall a module, simply move it to the frame on the left.
    Then click OK.
  4. You must now specify the name of the program group in which all the Talend Change Data Capture shortcuts will be installed (i.e.the Manager if you install it).
    The installation procedure then copies the files after having stopped the Talend Change Data Capture service programs if you are updating or uninstalling.
    SCRIPT_JSON, DD_TUN_DST and DD_PARAM tables for Oracle and SQL Server sources are automatically created in Talend Change Data Capture repository database.
    The installation runs until it is complete.