MS Azure SQL Managed Instance requirements - 7.3

Talend Change Data Capture Installation Guide

Talend Change Data Capture
Talend Change Data Capture
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  • A VM or physical machine with 2 to 4 cores, 4GB RAM, an OS >Windows 2008R2 (not necessarily the server type), and 32 or 64 bits.
  • An ODBC SQL Server version higher or equal to 17.
  • The installation must be performed with an administrator profile on this machine.
  • Concerning your Azure account, make sure:
    • you know its user name and password. You will need them when installing the source,
    • the minimal TLS version in Networking tab is set to 1.0,
    • you have created a storage account. For more information, see step 3 in MS Azure MI for SQL documentation.
  • Configure the Azure MI database alias that will be used for the setup and connection with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:
    • Launch C:\windows\syswow64\cliconfg.exe on a 64-bit system (or 32-bit version on a 32-bit system).
    • Select TCP/IP and enter the alias name in the Server name field:


    The URL must match the value available on Azure DB SQL Server console > Server name.

  • As Talend Change Data Capture Azure source relies on an intermediate layer (Microsoft SQL Server CDC), the _CT tables that are created (and used by Microsoft SQL Server CDC) could generate storage costs on Microsoft Azure. Please refer to MS CDC documentation for more information.