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DD_DAEMON registry key

The DD_DAEMON registry key contains the IP daemon service parameters (accepting all IP connections). It is also used on a source, to get the IP daemon service parameters.

Parameter Description


Contains the IP port that polls the Talend Change Data Capture IP daemon.

Default value is 1310.
Information noteNote: If you modify this parameter, you must change it to the same value on all the machines (sources, targets and Manager).
Information noteWarning: As this IP port must not be visible on public networks, make sure your machines are in a private network (LAN or VLAN for example).


This parameter defines the maximum time delay allocated for the response of the Talend Change Data Capture IP daemon service.

The default value is 300 seconds, i.e., five minutes.


This parameter defines the trace level of the daemon service.
  • value=0 (default) means no trace on the daemon service is displayed,
  • value=1 means the trace of daemon service is activated in <DestinationPath>\Data\DD_DAEMON.dtc file.

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