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Installing MySQL source

Before you begin

For the installation stage in ODBC, the ODBC MySQL driver needs to be installed.

The MySQL source file is available on a GitHub repository. You can find the download link in the installation package.

After this installation, the remaining steps of the setup can be completed in native mode.

About this task


  1. Enter the data in the login screen. The profile used by default needs to have advanced rights on the database and on the schemes and tables that will be replicated. It also needs to have the advanced rights to the system tables.
  2. Click OK.
  3. At first launch of DDSPVMySQL, the Tuning registry key is created and set to 0 by default. Set this key to 1 to activate the tuning and get metrics at the table level.


Talend Change Data Capture then creates and installs the elements required by MySQL registry and the SQLite database for the repository with a name based on: server@service.db3.

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