DD_for_MySQL registry key - 7.3

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Talend Change Data Capture
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The DD_for_MySQL key is available if the Talend Change Data Capture for MySQL Source module is installed (see Installing MySQL source). For each instance followed by Talend Change Data Capture, you will get a subkey. This subkey will have the instance name.

Parameter Description


Time period before attempting a reconnection between source engine and target engine. This time period can be repeated.

Default value is 30 seconds.


Period of time before the Scheduler program relaunches the planning tasks or the tasks that were executed but are not finished yet.

Default value is 30 seconds.


This parameter contains the ODBC driver name used to access the MySQL base. The default value is the MySQL Driver value found on the machine.

For example, for a 5.1 version of MySQL, the driver name is typically MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver.


This parameter contains the path where the programs are installed.

It is recommended not to modify this parameter.


This parameter contains the time in seconds between two executions of the Supervisor module.

The default value is set to 30 seconds.


Delay in milliseconds between the sending of the stop command (when stopping is a voluntary action) and the sending of the terminate command.

Default value is 1000 ms.

For more information on how to use this parameter, contact Talend Support team.