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DD_CFG registry key for Kafka

Registry key (DD_CFG) Description


Time period before attempting a reconnection between source engine and target engine. This time period can be repeated.

Default value is 30 seconds.


Period of time before the Scheduler program relaunches the planning tasks or the tasks that were executed but are not finished yet.

Default value is 30 seconds.

KafkaCacheLen Size of cache for duplicate management, expressed in number of records.

Default value is 100000 records.


Waiting time (in milliseconds) between distributions on Kafka target.

Use this parameter to tune the CPU usage for distribution.

Default value is 1.

KafkaTraceResult Trace result by topic.

For more information, contact our Support team.

KafkaTraceSkip Allows to trace into the log file (DDMSGQ.dmm) the records that are ignored after a restart of a distribution that was in error (duplicate management).

Default is 0.

For more information, contact our Support team.

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