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Create a Worksheet

To build a worksheet, you generally begin by searching. You may also go straight to the create option on the manage worksheets page. There are several options available for creating as worksheet.

Create a Worksheet from the Worksheets Menu.

In this way you are creating a full worksheet (not the limited search worksheet ).


  1. Sign in as a user with the Worksheet Customization capability global role assignment .
  2. Select WORKSHEETS > New Worksheet from the header.
  3. Enter a NAME and DEFINITION for the worksheet.
Information note

You have created a new worksheet object, not simply a transient search worksheet .


Sign in as Administrator and go to WORKSHEETS > New Worksheet and enter a NAME and DEFINITION .

Create a Worksheet from Immediate Search

You may always use the search to create a search worksheet , which you may then open as a complete worksheet.


  1. Enter text in the Search text box in the upper right.
  2. Click ENTER


Enter “cust” in the Search text box in the upper right and press ENTER .

Information note

The current search worksheet selected in the pull-down to the left of the search text box in the upper right (in this case it is All Objects ) forms the basis or scope of the search.

Create a Worksheet with Objects Search

You may also select OBJECTS > Search to begin working on a worksheet where you have an empty results and may filter from there.

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