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Compound Data Classes

Compound data classes are defined as a collection of data and metadata-detected data classes. If any one of those data classes is a match to an object (that is being programmatically classified) then the compound type is a match.

Edit a Compound Data Class


  1. Manage data classes .
  2. If the data class does not yet exist, add the data class .
  3. You may edit all the properties in common for a data class.
Information note

You may not edit the Type after it has been set. You must create a new data class instead.

  1. Select the existing data classes which are to be included in the compound data class.
Information note

You may enter the query by hand, copy it from a worksheet MQL or use the EDIT button to query by example through a worksheet-like dialog .

  1. Click SAVE .


Sign in as Administrator and go to MANAGE > Data Classes .

Click the Add plus sign. Click Compound as the Type of data class and enter

  • “Product Number” as the NAME
  • “Product” in the GROUPS
  • “Compound data class with data pattern and metadata query” as the DESCRIPTION

Click OK. Then pick the two other Product Number data classes.

Click SAVE .

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